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/ Growth of $1,000,000 SINCE 2010

One million dollars invested with McIver Capital Management since January 1, 2010 would be worth more than two million dollars as of December 31, 2019.

(*) Results assume investing in our Portfolio 3 - Conservative Value or in our Portfolio 5 - Growth.

(*) Results assume reinvestment of dividends and distributions.

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The Best Advice For You

At McIver Capital Management, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality advice, service and investment solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. We believe that you will value our conservative guidance and a relationship built on trust.

From our offices in Vancouver, we provide the best in discretionary investment management and wealth management services to clients in Canada and internationally.

Our Performance

McIver Model Porfolio Performance

As of July 31, 2020 10 Year
7 Year
5 Year
3 Year
2 Year
1 Year 3 Months Annualized
Std Deviation
P1 - Very Conservative 4.85% 5.10% 4.13% 4.89% 3.72% 2.93% 5.75% 6.04%
P2 - Conservative 6.59% 6.23% 4.56% 4.76% 2.78% 1.96% 5.98% 7.10%
P3 - Conservative Value 7.56% 7.15% 4.65% 4.94% 2.29% .93% 6.49% 8.15%
P4 - Conservative Growth 7.77% 7.28% 4.31% 4.61% 1.72% .61% 6.27% 9.01%
P5 - Growth 8.75% 8.29% 4.89% 5.17% 1.92% 1.84% 6.35% 9.53%
All numbers represent third party audited net-to-client expenses. Fees and expenses all may be associated with fund investments. Fund investing is not guaranteed, values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated. Inception to August 31, 2018 are representative net, model account returns in C$ provided by the portfolio manager.
Performance returns are as of July 31, 2020 and are based on composites of actual accounts. The indicated rates of return are net of fees net of fees net of fees. Please note that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.
Individual results of clients’ portfolios may differ from that of the composite portfolio returns as fees may differ, and performance of specific accounts is based on specific account investiture. The noted model portfolios may not be appropriate for all investors.
Inception to August 31, 2018 are representative net, model account returns in C$ provided by the portfolio manager.
*Annualized Standard Deviation is calculated using monthly returns for the longest return period reported in the corresponding row. It is a mesure of historical volatility where a lower figure represents less volatility.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My wife and I have been extremely satisfied with the performance of McIver Capital Management and their relationship with us. The have provided excellent service in the management of our registered and non-registered accounts. We heartily recommend them.

Dr. Brian G. Turrell Prof. Emeritus at UBC

The team and McIver Capital Management are reliable, honest, profitable, accessible and accommodating to my needs, and are able to manage family investing ensuring that the big picture is understood.

Dr. Gary Nataros

I am particularly pleased with the portfolio reallocation process through careful statistical analyses, the dedication to keeping true to my stated risk tolerance and the quality and timeliness of responses to my requests and queries.

Dr. Ronald Clowes Prof. Emeritus at UBC

McIver Capital Management has a proven strategy that has served me well over the years providing me with the confidence to forget about my capital, allowing me to focus on my own business interests.I have convinced several friends to park their money with the team confident I am not steering them in the wrong direction.”

Rob Beaubier Business Owner

There are few advisors out there that are actually truly different in approach and quality of execution. Neil is one of the few. He is forthright, not afraid of making a decision and a good communicator. His strategy is sound. And it shows.

Tim Brown

I love McIver Capital's approach to investing. The team's mathematical approach to managing risk is one of its greatest strengths. Managing and securing your own portfolio as they do is nearly impossible by yourself. They make this easy.

Orwell Kowalyshyn

We are very pleased with the professional and care and concern exhibited by all of the McIver Capital Management group. Any questions are answered fully and promptly and it is a pleasure to deal with them.

Pat Clements

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