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McIver Capital Management delivers sophisticated, verifiable, institutional calibre, discretionary portfolio management to successful organizations, families and individuals.

Using Industry-leading mathematical processes, systems and techniques in conjunction with access to deep databases and information flows, McIver Capital Management is able to deliver to you customized investment solutions in Vancouver. Our investment process is peer reviewed and we have a long track record of success. Our process is based upon math and science and not upon speculation.

Because we are discretionary Portfolio Managers, clients do not make investment decisions. We simplify your life. Each of our client portfolios are managed collectively by our in-house 4-person Investment Committee.

We charge a low, single, transparent management fee that covers all aspects of our relationship: professional investment management, transactions, reporting, security safekeeping, and wealth management solutions.

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In parallel with discretionary portfolio management,
we provide a high level of professional competency in Tax and Estate Planning for clients.

This includes:

1) Reducing tax exposure

2) Helping clients transfer their wealth to the next generation or to retire in the most financially efficient manner.


Pension plans and charitable organizations.

Anyone or group charged with looking after a shared pool of capital.

Those that have received inheritances.

Those that have or will be selling a business.

Successful individuals and families looking to maintain that wealth through multiple generations.


Canaccord Genuity is a respected global investment management firm with an in-depth and authentic understanding of both domestic and global capital markets.

Canaccord Genuity has offices across Canada, United Kingdom, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Australia. Globally Canaccord Genuity is entrusted with C$59.2 billion in client assets under administration and top-line revenues in excess of $1 Billion.

Operationally headquartered in Vancouver, Canaccord Genuity has undergone a large-scale transformation over the past decade which has grown its reputation and global footprint.

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